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Body Soap 100grams - Pine Tar Bar

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Our incredibly gentle pine tar soap is perfect for those with skin conditions. 

Pine tar has been known to heal wounds, help with poison oak/ivy, and help with acne, we have tested this and have found it to help many people but we do not make any healing claims. You will just have to try and see if it works for you as well.

We formulated this bar to work in both soft water and hard water, which if you've used any kind of soap in hard water before, you know this is a big deal! But our most favorite part about this soap bar is that it is completely free of all coconut derivatives! 

Disclaimer: We don’t make any claims other than this will clean.



Saponified Olive oil, Beer, Pine Tar, Soybean oil, Babassu oil, Castor oil, Citric acid, Kaolin clay, Sugar, Tussah silk.

How to use

Run under water and rub until suds appear, then rub bar on desired area to clean.

Our soaps do not lather or suds as much as what you may be used to.

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