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Pit Paste - 50grams

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As anyone who has tried to make the switch from commercial deodorants to a more natural option can tell you, the pros aren't even on the same page as the cons. You either have a burning sensation, a rash, or it just straight up doesn't work. 

We were frustrated by this, as well as the fact that whether you chose natural or commercial for your deodorant, it was bound to be packed with coconut derivatives! 

So we got to work, for a whole year. We researched, we tested, we failed countless times. Until we didn't... 

This deodorant is not only coconut derivative free, but it's also Aluminum free and Baking soda free. Its Gentle on skin so you can put it on even if you just shaved. It doesn’t clog your pores so you can still detox your body through your sweat. It doesn't leave those nasty white marks on your clothes. it doesn't melt onto your clothes, so you can say goodbye to pit stains even after washing! And lastly it works, we have had good luck with it lasting up to 16 hours in users that could only get 4 hours of wear out of commercial deodorants.



Kaolin clay, Babassu oil, Grapeseed oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Magnesium Hydroxide, Arrowroot powder, Kokum butter, Shea butter, Bentonite clay, Zinc Ricinoleate, Candelilla wax, Phytocide Elderberry OS(Preservative).

How to use

Take a pea size amount and rub in between your two index fingers until slightly melted, then apply to each armpit until you can’t see it anymore. You can also apply to other areas, just warm it in your hands and rub in.

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Customer Reviews

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Beth Kerby
My favorite

It’s so smooth! It takes some getting used to using your finger to apply, but I honestly can’t see going back to anything else. I also love that I’m still able to sweat without smelling.

Love love love

Love love love the pit paste! Everything I have been looking for in a deodorant😍 😍